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Our History
New to Downtown Auburn, NY
Est. April 15, 2013
A.T. Walley & Co. has been established by a local management group with combined food and beverage experience of over 75 years. Our goal at Walley’s is to revolutionize the local cocktail scene. A.T. Walley & Co. offers a very unique venue from furniture to cocktail selections, premium wines, to our vintage 225 year old building. You will be treated to professional service, awesome food, fine cigars and an eclectic array of music. 



In August of 1852 Amos T. Walley and Martin L. Walley established the “Amos T. Walley & Company Drug Store” in the historical limestone building, located on this corner of Genesee and State street. Noted by the public as having the most knowledgeable clerks when customers came to them with questions on elixirs and remedies. With an extensive stock of commodities it became a highlighted business of downtown Auburn. Folks would gather here while waiting for the streetcar, sitting under the awnings. The drug store was also visited by travelers and became an information center in the area. Like the original establishment founded in this building, we offer a staff of knowledgeable servers and great service to customers of our high quality stocked “elixirs”, offering an atmosphere where travelers and locals alike can gather in the heart of downtown Auburn. Stop in often, from headaches to heartaches we

know the cure to what ales ya’.
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