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Specialty Cocktails



Cocktail Card Membership

***Our newest cocktails will be added in the near future

Sparkling Cocktails
Sparkling Walley
Kir Royal
Specialty Cocktails
AT Bulleit
Bloody Walley
C.C.C. (Cotton Candy Cosmo)
Sweet 16
Peach Margarita
Yogi's Lemon Ice
The Banker
The Jalapeno & Cucumber Margarita
The Irish Tea
Coffee and Donuts
Dark and Stormy
Grape Tini
Beak & Skiff Apple Tini
The Wives Club Cosmo
The Rose Petal
Double Chocolate

How the cocktail card membership works:


1.  Stop in and ask a bartender for a cocktail card.

2.  Fill out your name and email.

3.  Your goal is to try all of our cocktails.

4.  Purchase the cocktails at full price, but we will          buy your 10th and last cocktail.  Those are on the          house.

5.  Completed cards will be saved and entered into a          contest that is yet to be determined.

6.  All cards are kept at A.T. Walley's.  Next time you          stop, please ask a bartender for your card.  


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